Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trey's Bedtime Nook

Trey has his own room; which is strictly for his clothes and toys. I can't bear the thought of putting him in his own room across the hall. From the day I gave birth to him, I wake up numerous times throughout the night to check on him. No way am I ready for him to sleep alone in a separate room. However, he DOES have his own bed. What kid doesn't want a cool nook to sleep or hang out in? So..... Creative juices flowing, I cleaned out the closet in our bedroom, (the closet in Trey's toy room is my craft closet) and stuck his toddler bed in there. Added some sheer drapes and some wall art (which is just songs I photo-shopped and printed out and framed), some lights and a floating shelf to house his current bedtime story and a canvas quote I made. He thinks it's the coolest thing! He likes to close the curtains and pretend we're in a spaceship:)
Now for some pictures....

overhead light on

overhead light off

Song number 1

song number 2


The colors are black and white since our theme colors for our room and bathroom is black and white with a splash or plums and purple accents.

Thanks for viewing!

Now on to my next project..... MAJOR Christmas decorating!

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