Friday, September 27, 2013

Scholastic Little Leveled Readers- I Like Me Book and Activities (Free downloads as well!)

The book I am talking about is the Scholastic Little Leveled Readers I Like Me by Maria Fleming.

It looks like this.

Luckily, we received a bunch of these books from Trey's cousins but you could easily order them from Amazon or even eBay. First thing after we go over the day of the week, weather and temperature, I read him a Little Leveled Reader book, (we read a new one each week) making sure to have him read along as I point to each word. After that, we go straight into spelling the vocabulary words from the book. First, I hand Trey the flashcards I designed. It has the key vocab words along with simple pictures to help him identify the words. I "pretend" I forgot how to spell the words and have him spell each one out to me while I write it out on our white board. Sometimes I even mess up on purpose to see if he can correct my mistakes. 

Then, we switch roles and I read him a word and have him write it out for me on a blank sheet of paper. This not only helps him practice his letters and handwriting, since he has to write out each letter and word, he is more likely to remember the spelling as well. 

Click the following links to download the vocabulary flashcards for free.

Tip: I printed the flashcards out on cardstock 
and laminated them for extra durability. 

Another way we use the flash cards is spread them out on a flat surface and use our Word Cards <-- (click link to download) to place them on the correct flashcard. Once again, since the Vocab Flashcards have a picture of the word on them, it's easier for your child to identify the correct words. It also helps them spell and read.

Flashcards on top and Word Cards on the bottom.

Matching the Word Cards to the correct Flashcard.

A second way to use the Word Cards is to print out, cut, and laminate them. I put them up on our Word Wall so we can see them every day.

A THIRD way to use the Word Cards is to simply print them out and either laminate them or stick them in a clear page protector. Then say each word and have your child circle the correct one with a dry erase marker. (They could also use clear poker chips, stickers, etc.)

Like this.

A fun spelling/reading activity is using a cookie sheet ($1.06 at Walmart) and some magnetic letters ($1.00) at Walmart.) I've designed some simple spelling worksheets to use for this activity. Click the following links to download the Magnetic Vocab Worksheets.

See them in action.

That is all for now! I hope this will give you ideas if you have this book (or plan on getting it) We typically go through one book a week along with all the activities. All downloads will be linked above as well as on our Free Homeschool Printables page. 

See ya!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Independent Learning Activity Ideas/Some Montessori

As we all know, every child is unique, therefore every child has a unique way of learning. Trey is definitely not a "sit down and do worksheets" learner. He is more of the hands-on type who learns best through life experiences. Because of this,  we don't follow one particular curriculum or schedule. I use a mix of Montessori shelf work, workbooks, hands-on projects and games and a little traditional learning type work as well as 20 minutes of ABC mouse 3x a week. I will post photos below of Trey doing some of his Independent Learning Activities as well as explain what they are and how we do them.

Here he is doing some of the Montessori shelf work I downloaded for FREE from the lovely Jady at Earth Schooling. Check her blog out, she has the most awesome ideas for Montessori activities.

I printed these out and laminated the tiles and the cards. I placed them on a cookie sheet and Trey takes it to the table where he starts matching the letter tiles to the letters on the cards. Since there are pictures on the cards, he knows what the word says. I have him sound each letter out while placing them in the correct spot as well as read the finished word.

Sensorial/Fine Motor Skills
This is always fun for Trey to do. After I printed the worksheet out and placed it in a clear page protector to keep it safe from the play-doh. He does his best to roll out the dough and follow the shapes.

I really love how this activity not only ensures Trey recognizes the numbers, but it teaches him the quantity as well. He simply chooses one of the laminated number tiles and places it in the top box of the worksheet. He then drops a cube into each space until he reaches the number shown on the tile.

Practical Life
I made this one up on my own. I printed a free shoe clip art on white cardstock then cut it out and laminated it. Punched the holes for laces and threaded old shoe laces into the tops two holes. I then watched Trey lace the shoe and try to tie it. He's not there yet, but that's what practice is for:)

I will be posting part 2 ( and 3,4,5, etc) as we go. Have a nice day!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Suck At Blogging!

No really, I do! Anyway, I will try my absolute best to keep up with blogging our life, crafts and so on. 

A little update, as of April 28, 2013, hubby, Trey and I converted (literally overnight) to a vegan lifestyle. For the last (almost 5 months) the three of us haven't touched any animal by-products. We all feel great! It was an easy transition for us as well. Since it's so hard to find organic, GMO free produce where we live, we've also started our own garden. Our tomato plants have over 200 tomatoes so far! We've also got beets, taro, carrots, radish, kale, salad greens, sweet bell peppers, mexican cilantro, basil, lemongrass, purple sweet potatoes, ginger, wild berries, Surinam cherries and more. I will also be blogging updates on our garden from here on out. 

Yet ANOTHER update, Trey is four now so we have officially begun homeschooling/un schooling him. I have some videos posted on our YouTube channel. I really need to keep up with vlogging that as well. He can spell words like friends, flowers, leaf and more. He could count to 10 by the time he was a year old, so that was no problem for him to brush up on. I honestly think that is why he is able to add and subtract so easily at 4. He can read, write and spell his name, (which I find written all over the house.) Trey also knew his shapes, colors and ABC's by a year old, so I fear I bore him when we do refreshers. He loves math and phonics, but I think science is his favorite. Well, that's it for now, I promise to keep you all updated on our homeschooling/un schooling journey, our vegan lifestyle and our constant home improvement and organizational projects. I PRRRROMISE to finally update you on Trey's toy room (like I said I would back in April.) It doesn't look the same though, it's actually been changed around a few times to accommodate our homeschool area and the abundance of books we've collected over the summer, (all 700+ books, aggh!)

Alright! Time for me to stop blabbing. I've got to go and get our craft supplies ready for our fall crafts projects. Bye for now!