Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Suck At Blogging!

No really, I do! Anyway, I will try my absolute best to keep up with blogging our life, crafts and so on. 

A little update, as of April 28, 2013, hubby, Trey and I converted (literally overnight) to a vegan lifestyle. For the last (almost 5 months) the three of us haven't touched any animal by-products. We all feel great! It was an easy transition for us as well. Since it's so hard to find organic, GMO free produce where we live, we've also started our own garden. Our tomato plants have over 200 tomatoes so far! We've also got beets, taro, carrots, radish, kale, salad greens, sweet bell peppers, mexican cilantro, basil, lemongrass, purple sweet potatoes, ginger, wild berries, Surinam cherries and more. I will also be blogging updates on our garden from here on out. 

Yet ANOTHER update, Trey is four now so we have officially begun homeschooling/un schooling him. I have some videos posted on our YouTube channel. I really need to keep up with vlogging that as well. He can spell words like friends, flowers, leaf and more. He could count to 10 by the time he was a year old, so that was no problem for him to brush up on. I honestly think that is why he is able to add and subtract so easily at 4. He can read, write and spell his name, (which I find written all over the house.) Trey also knew his shapes, colors and ABC's by a year old, so I fear I bore him when we do refreshers. He loves math and phonics, but I think science is his favorite. Well, that's it for now, I promise to keep you all updated on our homeschooling/un schooling journey, our vegan lifestyle and our constant home improvement and organizational projects. I PRRRROMISE to finally update you on Trey's toy room (like I said I would back in April.) It doesn't look the same though, it's actually been changed around a few times to accommodate our homeschool area and the abundance of books we've collected over the summer, (all 700+ books, aggh!)

Alright! Time for me to stop blabbing. I've got to go and get our craft supplies ready for our fall crafts projects. Bye for now!

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