Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thrifting!

This past Saturday, I wanted to check out the thrift store by my house. I dropped Trey & Doogie off at the park and headed to the thrift store. I was surprised to find tables and tables full of clothes outside. When I got there Karen (the owner) told me all the clothes on the outside tables and racks were free. Yes, FREE. As in, she gave me some boxes, told me to fill them up and stick them in my car. Turns out, she did something special for Black Friday. She gave away eight truckloads of clothes and shoes and then sent even MORE to the needy in the Phillipines. How nice of her! Since she had a bunch of stuff left, she continued giving things away all day Saturday. I was so happy I chose to visit her that day! I desperately needed sweaters. Our house has been getting so cold lately. (Cold for Hawaii, anyway.) I literally have NO warm clothes. Until now. I got 20+ sweaters, a work shirt for D and a few plain shirts for myself. All for FREE! The sweaters were in great condition, some even name brand. They were just a few sizes too big. (Mostly larges and I'm a small.) No problem. I took them home and took the sides and arms in. The fit me perfectly now. I'll probably post pictures and tutorials tomorrow. Just thought I'd share! Oh- also, some of the sweaters will be used for other things as well. Decorations, pillow cases. We'll see! Goodnight!

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