Monday, October 14, 2013

Holiday Art Wall

We have this small blank wall in our hallway that you can see from our dining area. At first, I had a bookshelf against it and decorated the wall with seasonal art work. Then I had this family tree up for about a year or two.

It said: Like Branches On A Tree, We May Grow In Different Directions, Yet Our Roots Remain As One.

I really REALLY liked the family tree so I will be finding another spot to put that back up. (Probably in our living room) I have to update the photos any way ;p

Halloween/Autumn 2013

Winter/Christmas/Valentine's Day 2013

Winter/Christmas theme

Photo banner I designed and printed.

Valentine's Day Theme

Hand print and foot print "LOVE"

Hand print heart

Hand print tulips

Finger print leaves on a tree

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