Monday, October 14, 2013

Quick Family Park Trip

The weather has been totally weird lately. Uncomfortably hot and humid one day and then rainy and dreary the next. Despite the cloudy weather, (which, by the way, I actually love, as the sun gives me headaches) Doogie and I took Trey to the park for a little bit. First Little Man wanted to play on the actual park, Then when that got boring, Trey got his bike, I got the Razor scooter (haha) and Doogie got his skateboard and we went below the playground to ride on the tennis court.


Coming up from the "big slide"

Through the fence.


Seesaw with mama, haha!

Why so serious?

Scootin' with daddy

Trey decided to walk laps around the tennis court.

Silly faces!

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