Monday, October 14, 2013

Math and Phonics Fun Kit - Grade 1

Hi all! We found this little kit at Costco. I thought it'd be a fun way for Trey to brush up on his math and phonics. It not only came with two workbooks, it also came with a phonics BINGO game and math manipulatives as well as a small clock for learning to tell time. I'm not using these as a curriculum, just a small "refresher" for Little Man. Trey is only 4, but I noticed these kits are really easy. I got him the 1st grade level only because he would've been bored with the kindergarten kit and it would've meant money wasted.

The kit. Includes a phonic workbook, math workbook, parent's book,
snap cubes, a clock, addition puzzle cards
and word family BINGO.

Some pages he did out of the math workbook.

 Riddles identifying shapes. (See, I told you it is easy.)

Some basic addition using the snap cubes.

Some pages out of the phonics workbook.

Filling in the missing alphabets. (Again, Trey was super bored with this. 
Seriously, this cannot be first grade work.) I remember reading in first grade.

Learning long and short vowel sounds.

 We haven't gotten that chance to play the BINGO game but we are excited! All in all, I felt these kits are too easy for the grade levels on the box so maybe try getting a grade (or two) higher than where your child is at.

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