Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trey's Autumn Crafts 2013

It's here again! Our favorite time of year! Autumn and winter! Besides the cool air and cozy feel, we love this time of year because of all the holiday crafts we get to do! If you look back to 2011, you'll see our fall crafts and things. I'll post links below. Now for the pictures!

Hand print tree with finger print leaves. 2013, age 4.

Here is Trey's finger print tree from 2011

If you can't already tell, we LOVE hand/finger/foot print crafts! As a mom, I love these for keepsakes. Can you imagine when he is 18, looking back at how much his hands and feet grew every year?!

Hand Print Wreath

Black Cat Hands 2013

And his black cat hands last year. 

Owl Hand Print

And his spider hand prints from 2011, 2012 and 2013!

Hand and Foot Print Turkey

Hand Print Turkeys
How cute are these little turkey friends?! Look at how small Trey's hands were in 2011.

We will definitely be making a whole lot more! When we are finished, I will post a picture of our craft/art wall. It changed with seasons/holidays.

Till tomorrow,

To view our other holiday wall art, CLICK HERE!

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