Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Handprint Art

I can finally post the candy-free Valentines T and I made for both of his grandmas, cousins, aunties and all three of his great-aunties.

For his "Hamma" (who loves to fish)
A handprint fish in the sea. The print reads, Hamma, will you be my O-FISH-AL Valentine?!

T also gave her a teacup succulent on which we drew a heart with a metallic sharpie. The tag on the teacup reads, My love for you keeps growing.

For his "Gamma" (who loves gardening)
A handprint bee which reads, Won't you BEE my Valentine?

For his aunty
A handprint monkey which reads, I love hanging with you.

She also received a chalkboard-painted recycled mason jar with a heart "window" for a tealight candle. The tag reads, "you light up my life."

For his great aunties
Handprint lady bugs reading, Have a Happy Valentine, Love Bug!

For His Cousins
Construction paper cards with torn pieces of paper in the shape of a heart reading, I love you to pieces!

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