Thursday, February 12, 2015

Candy-Free Valentine Crafts

Let's face it-other than the occasional organic vegan lollipop, I don't usually let my son have candy. I have always dreaded the "candy" holidays, such as Valentine's Day where goodie bags are chock-full of artificially dyed candies. I'm sure I'm not the only parent out there who is not too fond of candy. So I hit up Pinterest. So many candy-free ideas for school friends, teachers, parents, grandparents and sweethearts. Today I share with you, two non-candy ideas T and I made today.

*NOTE: I have a bunch of other ideas to share, (including the little gifts T will give his tball team on Saturday) I just can't post them until AFTER Valentine's Day or some people might see their gifts a little too soon.

The first: I Love You "Sew" Much card.
Easy peasy. I took white cardstock and poked holes with a sewing needle to form a heart shape. I gave T some bakers twine and had him "sew" along the holes. When that was done, I just glued the heart onto a piece of kraft cardstock and wrote "I Love You "Sew" Much, putting the "Sew" in the center of the heart. Easy, free AND pretty fun for the kids to do!

The second: I Love You To Pieces card.
Another easy one. I took blue construction paper and cut it in half. Okay, well, actually, I ripped it in half because I couldn't find the scissors. I'm lazy, I know. I drew a heart in the center and wrote I Love You above the heart and To Pieces below the heart. I gave T his little scissors and some construction paper and told him to cut and rip tiny pieces. Gave him a glue stick and he went crazy sticking the paper pieces into the heart shape.

That's all for today. We made a lot of Love Day crafts but like I said, I can't share them until their recipients have received them.  See you on Saturday!

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