Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mango Banana Ice Cream

This morning, Trey asked for ice cream. I told him, "why not?"
You're probably thinking, "She let her 4 year old have ice cream for breakfast?!" Yup. I did. But it's not the sugary, heavy, dairy filled goop you're probably envisioning. This ice cream, (the raw vegan world calls it nice cream) has just two ingredients. Frozen bananas and frozen organic mangoes. So simple. Two pure ingredients. No added sugar. No additives. Yeah, you could probably just eat the bananas and mangoes and who doesn't love the novelty of making and then eating homemade ice cream. We don't use recipes in my house, we pretty much make things up as we go along and then just "eyeball" the ingredients. Bare with me, use your own taste and texture preferences here:)
At least a day before, get very ripe (I'm talking loaded with brown spots) bananas, peel, cut and freeze them in a glass container.
The next day, get your frozen bananas and frozen mangoes (Costco has a huge bag of organic frozen mangoes for less than $10)
Stick them in your blender and pulse until most fruit chunks are no longer chunks. Then blend. If needed, take breaks in between to push down the sides with a spoon. Try not to add any liquid. You want the ice cream to be thick. Like sorbet. If you have to, you can add a tablespoon r two of water. I'd recommend a high powered blender for this. No, it doesn't have to be a vitamix. A Ninja will work fine. Other blenders will work, you'll just have to have more patience with them:)
Now scoop into a nice glass and garnish with some fruit. There ya go. Super fast, super easy. Healthy and not filled with sugar, fat or GMO's.

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