Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Q-tip Skeleton

Meet "Bones" our skeleton. Trey and I just made him today. I found this on pinterest (of course!) and thought it was a quick and fun project to do with minimum supplies that most of us already have at home. The actual link to this project is here.
Now on to the tutorial...
You'll need:
-black or dark cardstock (or any heavy paper)
-regular ol' school glue
-something white to make the face. we used white acrylic paint, but you could use white paper also.
We (Trey and I) didn't plan it out or anything. We just dabbed glue onto the two cotton tips of the q-tips and placed them where we wanted them. There is no right or wrong in this project. You can make your skeleton look however you'd like. After we were done with the body, legs, feet, arms and hands (cut the q-tip in half for those), we painted his head and added a name and of course, the date. Easy! Now let it dry and either frame it or simply hang it on the wall or fridge. I'm thinking about making a bunch on black paper then cutting it out and hanging it with invisible fishing line from the ceiling throughout our house. Happy crafting!

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